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Ever After Bridal Shop building in moorpark


Located in Old Town Moorpark in the area surrounding High Street, in the historic center of the city.

Feature of downtown areas are the pepper trees that line High Street, planted by Robert Poindexter who was responsible for the plotting and mapping of the town.

The building itself was built in 1956 and is still standing with its original brick walls. some updates have been made to the front facade of the building.

Across the street is Methodist Church, 1930s. The original structure was moved in about 1904 from the small farming community of Epworth, which was located just north of Moorpark in the Fairview district. In 1919, another church, the M.E. Fowler Methodist Church from Somis, was added to the existing structure. This church is one of only two county historical landmarks in Moorpark.

Short distance to the train station

The whole street has charming coffee shops and restaurants.

Whole area down the street is scheduled for redevelopment for a brewery and restaurant.

Hotel going in by end of year but about 10 minutes away from the closest hotel.

Raised in Moorpark, graduated from Moorpark High in 2014.

Moved to Austin, Texas to study communications and event planning.

Wanted to find a way to help create what is one of the best days of your life. Therefore, worked in almost every field of work that goes into a wedding.

Decided she loved dressing and styling the bride and helping her feel confident and beautiful for her big day.

Loves combining unique styles and colors to each brides personality and style.

Has been in the industry for five years working in private boutique shops in Washington state as well as David's Bridal for a few years.

She came up with the name, "Ever After Bridal" because she's a Disney fanatic and all princess movies end up getting their happily EVER AFTER and prince charming.

She strives to make every bride feel confident, beautiful and unique for their big day as well as give a beautiful experience in the process with her experience package options.

the owner

Taylor Young Portrait

Taylor Young

"It never feels like work just another day of dress up, helping brides find the dress of their dreams - helping complete the statement of her fairytale."