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Wonderful Stories from our Ever After Bridal Brides

Now that the big day has come and gone, we want to hear all about it! Share some photos and details of your fairy tail wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich

Sarah Heinrich | Wedding Date:  8/22/2020 Our wedding was originally supposed to be massive. All of our friends and family with magical details and an even more magical time. Plans changed, but the only thing that changed was the “big” part. Everything was absolutely perfect and just as magical as I’d hoped it would be, just at a much smaller scale. My dress, however, was as big and beautiful as originally. I was so happy to support Ever After when I first heard of its opening and I’m SO glad it’s where I found my dress. Everyone in the store was so sweet and attentive! I always tell my engaged friends to check out this boutique! Thank you again!

Kayla McKee

This is going to sound cheesy but the wedding was magical and so much more than my husband and I imagined. I have always looked forward to getting married and having the perfect day. I planned everything and as soon as I started walking down the isle and as soon as I saw my husband non of that mattered all that mattered was being able to marry the love of my life. Everything else was a cherry on top of that moment; the photos, the venue, the dress and veil it all had a factor in making that already perfect moment even more amazing and perfect that I could have ever imagined!